Mohsen Sanei Yarandi

Mohsen Sanei Yarandi is born at Tehran in September 22th, 1968. He completed his preliminary and secondary education in Tehran. He obtained his BA and MA in communication sciences from Azad University, Tehran Central Unit. His MA thesis was "Examine The Effects of Emotional Intelligence On Journalists' professional activities and their successes." In 1984, he started his cultural and artistic activities with calligraphy and photography art. In 1993, while starting his professional activities in photography and cooperating with journals, he entered TV promotions formally. By passing various managerial positions in the fields of advertisement and public relations in private organizations, he acquired professional skills in various fields such as journalism, graphic, film-making, interior designing, booth designing, exhibition affairs management, art director,etc, with the best degrees and experiences. Since 1995, he passed advanced degrees as the superior student in Iranian Calligraphy Association. Elected by the first Tehran Construction Image Photography Events, 1996, by Technical and Constructional Directorate of Tehran Municipality. Elected by the third Students Cultural and Art Festival in photography. More than 15 years participation in Annual World Press Photo. He was Selected by domestic festivals and publishing papers and interviews in various national journals. While teaching advertising/marketing sciences, photography and calligraphy arts, he is collaborating as an experienced professional photographer with some newspapers and magazines such as Hamshahri, Aftabgardan, Rooze Haftom, Gonbad Kabood, etc. Advertising advisor and Some customers include: Gooshtiran, Sina Tile, Asia Tech, Goo Almas Khavarmianeh, Javahershahr, Genius, Moallem Insurance, Sazman Ziba Sazi, Mali Etebari Bonyd, Atrin Safron, Delliran, Golfam Talaie Alborz, Golrang, Niko Shahd, Pasargad Bank, Pars Oil & Gas, Westinghouse, Daiti, Kooshesh Radiator, Rayan Sipa, Westpoint, Amol Food Industry, Gandi Exchange, Veshand, Nikonegaresh, Tabarrok, Saharkhiz Food Industries, Shahd Kohrang, Nikoshahd, Foman Chymie, Dasht Morghab, Zarmakaron, Zarrin Ghazal, Sayan Cart, Ashpazi Rooz - TV Program, Central camera repair shop, Carkand Trading, Techno Guard, MSI, Rira, Canexa, Pfm, Aoki, Sarico, Kandelous, Padiran, Behinsystem, Alborz Restaurant, Hamyar Ravesh, Behnoush Iran, Zamzam, Tochal Telecabin, Icd.Co, Nokia - Nia, Mahansoft. He is a freelance photographer. His current interests are graphic and webdesign and professional photography in Journalism and Nature Photography.